Empower. Unleash. Alpha. 

I’ve never seen the word ‘Alpha’ as empowerment tool before. One might associate the word with dominance, aggression, or violence. I am inspired to change that.

How many times have you regretfully not trusted your gut? How often has your intuition spoken to you, only it’s voice falls on deaf ears and inaction? While it’s possible that our intuition is that quiet, little voice we can hardly hear, it's more likely that our intuitions are screaming at us. The problem? We have been conditioned over generations of being silenced to tune OUT our intuitions, our guts, and our instincts.

Do you ever feel wounded, repressed, or silenced? Do you fear speaking your truth? Do you ever feel as if there’s a weight on your chest or a gate across your voice preventing you from using the words that your gut, your instinct, is giving air to?

I have felt that. And I have felt the freedom of giving into my gut, and unleashing my true voice.

I design an empowerment workshop called: ALPHA. The goal of the Alpha workshop is to heal intuition repression. Through creative exploration, my aim is to strengthen our instinctive responses; to unleash our instinctive voices; to bring together a community, a tribe … a ‘pack’ if you will; and to empower each and every one of us as the ALPHA in our own lives. What this means to me is: holding space to honor ultimate autonomy of self; maintaining balance and cooperation in the community that we create; and to take our learnings and empowerment into the world beyond the walls of the workshop.

Alpha is not aggressive. Alpha is not dominating. Alpha is not mean-spirited or feral. Alpha is healthy, assertive, confident, curious, and inclusive.

Workshops are a creative exploration through voice, movement, visualization, enacting, storytelling, and journaling. They can be taught one-on-one or in groups.

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Thank you for reading.