Album Reviews

Daily UV Review - “Cardinal”

“Vivid descriptions set the stage as she weaves energy and casts the net to pull the listener into her reality…” By Nancy Cardenuto Upper Valley Live, March 1st, 2019.

Film Reviews

DAILY UV Review - "Love is: Thrasher Road at WRIF" 

"Define love and you’ve got ... Thrasher Road." By Dave Celone, June 2, 2018. 

SEVEN DAYS - Vermont Film Premieres Take Viewers Around the Globe.  

" ... On opening night, WRIF premieres Thrasher Road ... " By Luke Baynes, May 23, 2018.

VALLEY NEWS - Green Hills Red Carpet

" ... Thrasher Road opens the festival ... with a cast that includes ... Allison Fay Brown ... as the protagonist." By David Corriveau, May 25th, 2018.